Gutter Cleaning

Don’t let clogged and dirty gutters ruin your home!!! Buildup in uncleared gutters can be responsible for IMMENSE and CATASTROPHIC damage to your home’s walls, joints, and even the foundation!!!

Leaves, grass, and dirt build up in our gutters, impeding water’s natural flow to the downspout, designed to remove water from our roofing. Any buildup or growth (yes, new plant growth easily occurs in neglected gutters!!!) can stop that flow, causing the water to find new pathways to the ground. These pathways can cause cracks and weaknesses in walls, bricks, mortar, and sheetrock, tunneling a NEW path to the ground, destroying your LARGEST investment in the process!!

Let us at “Stu’s Squeaky Clean Window Services” professionally clear out that debris, flush those gutter channels with our special “gutter-trenching” tools, and , while we are at it, clear those downspouts with high pressure to assure that your gutter flow and rain removal is the best that it can be!!! Call now for a FREE estimate!!! 918-407-1793